Research and development of key technologies for efficient semiconductor lighting materials

The official news of the Ministry of Science and Technology shows that semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of rapid technological development, wide application fields, strong industrial driving, and huge energy saving potential, and has established a dominant position in the transformation of the lighting industry.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the 863 Program focused on supporting the “Key Technology Development of High-Efficiency Semiconductor Lighting Materials (Four Phases)” project. Recently, the High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized experts in Beijing to check and accept the project.

In order to improve the reliability and controllable life of LED lighting systems, the project will study the reliability and controllable life of LED lighting systems, and study the practical mechanism of light, electricity, heat and machinery from materials and key components. And interaction, establish effective model and evaluation methods for LED key components and systems, improve the reliability of semiconductor lighting products; develop large-size (6-inch) silicon substrate epitaxial technology and phosphor direct-coated white light chip technology to simplify the packaging process, The heat dissipation and optical design of the lamps improve the light quality of the lamps and reduce the cost of the lamps. It is of great significance to accelerate the entry of LED lighting products into the general lighting market and enhance the international competitiveness of China's semiconductor lighting industry.