7 major trends in the lighting industry in 2019

What will happen to the lighting industry in 2019? The megatrends in recent years will continue, and digital disruption will challenge some business models and create opportunities for others, especially those that can make digital experiences a seamless and positive customer experience. The following are the 7 major trends in the industry in 2019.

1. Power line communication will become mainstream

Power Line Communication is an unexpected technological trend in the field of lighting control in recent years. It outperforms wireless networks on many levels and is being adopted by big companies such as Intu, a large UK shopping mall, and Volvo, a car manufacturer.

2, Bluetooth Mesh technology will become more and more popular

Bluetooth is a new behemoth in the field of lighting control, and its Mesh technology brings simple wireless control to large devices. The maturity of Bluetooth Mesh technology, the marketing power behind the brand and the nature of the technology open agreement will prompt it to enter the mainstream lighting field.

3, VR will become a design tool

Virtual reality technology (VR) is expected to have a major impact on lighting design. Large-scale architecture practices are already using the tool to inspire customers' interests, and Zenofei (formerly Philips Lighting) is investing heavily in the technology as a design and marketing tool.

4. Visual comfort will be put on the agenda

In recent years, we have accepted the amazing energy-saving potential of LEDs, and the visual effects of experiencing artificial lighting in environments without glare and flicker have already relegated to second place. As the demand for warm color and high color rendering index continues to increase, visual comfort is expected to come back.

5, the smart hub will be eliminated

Lighting will increasingly connect directly to Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple's HomeKit and even Siri.

 6, self-learning control is coming soon

As time goes by, LED products can understand the user's habits and predict changes. Under this success, intuitive control will begin to enter the field of lighting.

7, modular design will be promoted

EU environmental design legislation is expected to tighten and pressure manufacturers to produce deconstructable luminaires.