LED transparent screen into the urban landscape lighting finishing touch

“A Shenzhen that you have never seen before is about to be debuted: more than 300 high-rise buildings will be installed with colorful dyeing lights, and the news building and adjacent buildings will be installed on the media facade. Huaqiang North even has a transparent LED screen of 900 square meters. According to Shenzhen media reports, Shenzhen is making every effort to create a lighting nightscape project, and more than 300 buildings in Shennan Avenue will be decorated with night lights.


According to the 'Shenzhen City Lighting Special Plan', in the construction area, determine the 'three-axis? quad-core? five-bay? six-point' integrated space landscape, of which the top priority is to create 'one line two points' night landscape The first line refers to Shennan Avenue (the most important Yingbin Avenue and Landscape Avenue in Shenzhen), and the two points refer to Futian Central District and Houhai Center (Shenzhen Bay Plaza). At the same time, combined with the opening of the Shenzhen tourist route at sea, the beautiful coastline and skyline lights will be built in the west section of Shenzhen Bay. According to the Urban Management Bureau, such a lighting night scene project is to build and improve the lighting corridors of Shennan, Binhe Binhai and Beihuan Avenue; secondly, to improve the night scenes of the central districts of the districts; and to promote the construction of integrated visual systems in the commercial districts; Promote the construction of human landscape lighting in public spaces; the fifth is to create a lighting culture brand with Shenzhen characteristics; the sixth is to promote the construction of landscape lighting for new buildings.

In this grand nightscape project, LED transparent screen has become one of the biggest highlights. Huang Ya, director of the Lighting Management Center of the Urban Management Bureau, said that the lighting night scene of Huaqiang North uses a large screen of transparent LED makeup, the middle is the Rubik's cube screen, and the transparent screen on both sides plays a linkage effect. The six sides of the cube screen are transparent film screens, one bracket foot support, high rigidity for structural strength, and the largest screen in the middle is 900 square meters!


When we are all talking about the LED landscape display, the LED transparent screen has been “being a leader” in the urban landscape project. When our industry focused on COB displays and Mini LEDs, it has always been regarded as a transparent screen for niche markets, and it has received great attention this year. One fact that is in front of us is that there were only four or five manufacturers engaged in transparent screen production in the industry a few years ago, and now there are more and more new companies.

Transparent screens will be inseparable from their market needs. LED transparent screens are mainly used in glass curtain walls, stage rentals and some creative display projects. In the field of creative display, in recent years, the glass transparent screen is also a highlight of the transparent screen in the scenic plank road. At this year's PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the performance of the transparent screen in the stage performing arts venue is even more amazing, but the LED transparent screen A market with great development potential may not be a glass curtain wall that is closely related to urban construction. According to the data, China's current construction area is 50 billion square meters, of which curtain wall accounts for 5%, and the new curtain wall reaches 90 million square meters per year. Such a huge glass curtain wall market undoubtedly brings excellent development opportunities to transparent screens.

In the past two years, the outdoor advertising rectifications successively carried out in major cities across the country have provided opportunities for the development of transparent screens. Taking the first quarter of this year as an example, due to the implementation of the new outdoor policy, the outdoor advertising market has suffered a lot of impacts, taking Qingdao, Jinan and Fuzhou as examples: Qingdao’s “City of Qingdao” was promulgated and implemented on January 1, 2018. And the Environmental Health Management Regulations stipulate that large outdoor advertisements shall not be placed on the roof of buildings. Since the launch of the “Beautiful Qingdao Action” in October 2017, the directly affiliated brigade has dismantled nearly 300 outdoor advertising facilities within the “eight roads and one line” area, with 45,000 square meters, including 116 Hong Kong Road, Donghai Road and Macau Road. The total area is 23,000 square meters; Jinan, in accordance with the requirements of the “Special Plan for Outdoor Advertising and Plaque Identification of Jinan City”, rectifies the illegal construction of the leading group in accordance with the law. In 2017, the city demolished illegal construction of 32.69 million square meters and dismantled 17,293 illegal outdoor advertisements. On this basis, this year will strictly control the newly added outdoor advertisements for violation of laws and regulations, and strive to promote the regulation of the plaque logo; the Fuzhou Urban Management Committee deployed the city management law enforcement detachment to comprehensively carry out the outdoor illegal billboard rectification, in an effort to eliminate safety hazards and maintain City order. As of March 21, all 138 illegal outdoor billboard removal tasks have been completed, and most of the billboards removed are located in the prosperous road section.

As is known to all, LED traditional outdoor large screens, due to problems such as light pollution and illegal installation, suffered a heavy blow in this round of outdoor advertising rectification actions, and traditional outdoor displays that were labeled as 'urban psoriasis' have fallen victim to them. . The rectification of outdoor advertising has undoubtedly made the traditional LED outdoor display occupying a very high position in the outdoor advertising market encounter the 'difficulties' of development. Because of its high permeability, the LED transparent screen is attached to the glass curtain wall and has the advantages of “indoor installation, outdoor viewing”, and it is a great weapon for “breaking”.


In fact, there are many cases in which the LED transparent screen is applied in the glass curtain wall in the industry. For example, the largest LED transparent screen in the world of Puyang Shanghe City built by Orida, with a total area of 951 square meters, 360° transparent display black technology, high transparency , high-definition screen display. In foreign countries, a three-story LED display project called Kipnes Lantern was also unveiled at the National Art Center in Ottawa.

Now, Shenzhen Huaqiang North 900 square meters LED transparent screen, let us see that LED transparent screen has not only relyed on the development of glass curtain wall, it has already caught up with the fast development of China's night travel economy, began to enter the landscape lighting field. From the perspective of development trends, the current development of the city is more and more pay attention to 'makeup', LED transparent screen can be 'hidden' during the day, the characteristics of the night can shine, the city's 'beauty' has the advantages that other display devices do not have It is foreseeable that in the future, the LED transparent screen will shine in the field of landscape lighting.

Perhaps it is the natural advantages of transparent screens and the huge potential that it can play in the development of the city, which has attracted many companies to invest in the transparent screen.

Source: High-tech LED