6600 square meters plant factory completed and put into production: with independent LED lighting te

The plant factory is an advanced stage of modern facility agriculture development. It is a high-input, high-tech, and sophisticated equipment production system that integrates biotechnology, engineering technology, and system management to separate agricultural production from natural ecological constraints. An annualized agricultural system for the production of plant products.

Recently, the reporter learned from the district agricultural investment group that the Xutian plant factory, the first plant factory in the city that began construction in November 2017, has been fully completed and put into production in the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Weinan District, Chongqing.


Located in the Xutian plant factory in Tai'an Town. (Source: Minnan Daily, the same below)

Fully enclosed sterile environment gives vegetables 'green genes'

Xutian Plant Factory is jointly constructed by Shaanxi Xutian Company and Chongqing Weinan National Science and Technology Agricultural Park. It covers a total area of about 6,600 square meters, with a total investment of about 8 million yuan and a construction area of 1,000 square meters, including cultivation room and nursery room. Multiple functional areas such as operation room, equipment room and visit hallway.

When I entered the Xutian plant factory, the reporter was attracted by the vegetables in the cultivation room. The layers of vegetables seemed to grow in the air, and the thick green color came through the colorless glass. “These cultivation rooms are all closed. In order to ensure that the planting environment is sterile and dust-free, the staff must wear sterile kits, wear masks and pass through the air shower equipment before entering.” Staff who just came out of the cultivation room He Haiyan told reporters that unlike the natural environment, the vegetables grown here will not be affected by extreme weather such as squally showers, and there is no need to worry about the most direct pest problems. Even if there are a small number of mosquitoes, they can be killed by physical means.

The fully enclosed culture allows the vegetables to enter the “safe haven”, which effectively eliminates the application of pesticides and guarantees the “green” nature of vegetables. “We use daily inspections and nutrient solution tests to find out the problems in the planting process in time to ensure that our vegetables meet the standards of safety and peace of mind.” He Haiyan said that the vegetables we planted have been tested by national authorities, including the detection of The National Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has reached the green vegetable standard.

24-hour intelligent control system plant growth nutrients 'continuous supply'

Since it is a closed space, and to ensure the quality of vegetables, how can we provide important growth conditions such as nutrients and light? “These all implement computer intelligent control. Our control system will automatically adjust a series of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, air circulation, nutrient concentration and organic matrix. It can be operated 24 hours a day with one button. Plants provide the best growing environment.” Faced with the reporter's curiosity, He Haiyan said that the system will detect the data in real time. Once it deviates, it will issue an alarm and we can process it in time. It is because of this that the entire factory only Two staff members are required to manage.

In the cultivation room, on the three-dimensional cultivation rack, the red light emitted by the rows of neat LEDs is reflected on the dense vegetables. “In order to make plants better photosynthesis, the company has developed LED light-effect lighting technology with independent intellectual property rights. This red-blue composite light has the characteristics of promoting high quality and high yield of plants, and is more suitable for plants than natural single light. Growth.' According to He Haiyan, this kind of light source can not only cultivate plants normally, but also has obvious effects in seedling and greenhouse fill light, and it is also very energy-saving.


Under the illumination of the LED light source, the lettuce on the three-dimensional cultivation rack grows gratifying.

“Not only that, the mature vegetables here can be eaten as long as they are picked up, and the taste is fresh and nutritious.” He Haiyan told reporters that this benefited from hydroponics rich in vitamins a, c and various minerals. The use of the substrate, the intelligent system mixes the water and the nutrient solution according to a certain ratio, and then circulates through the pipeline on the cultivation rack. The plant roots under the foam board can continuously absorb the nutrients, which also makes the plant growth cycle directly Shortened by nearly a third.

High-quality intensive production leads to high efficiency of vegetable cultivation

High-quality vegetables that meet the green testing standards are also very profitable. “The vegetables in our factory are not sold on weight, but on the sale of trees. The maximum sales price of a vegetable can reach nearly 20 yuan.” He Haiyan said that the plant factory has a construction area of only 1,000 square meters, but due to the high planting density. The amount of vegetables planted at one time is more than five times higher than that of the same natural planting area, which greatly saves land use. Now, the four cultivation rooms have been put into operation and entered the stage of full production. At present, more than 60 kinds of vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines such as butter lettuce, red beet and Tianqi can be cultivated, and nearly 600 plants can be produced every day, and this data is sustainable. .

According to reports, there are only a few plant factories in this country, focusing on high-quality production of plant factories. From the beginning, the sales target was positioned as a high-end market, targeting sales to major supermarket chains, corporate units and individuals. “Currently, vegetables produced by plant factories have entered high-end supermarket chains in Chongqing, Shaanxi, Shanghai and Beijing.” Xu Zheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Agricultural Investment Group, said that the annual production value of the fully-launched Xutian plant will reach 3 million. yuan.

“Weinan is a production area of green vegetables and is known as the vegetable basket of the main city. The intelligent development of vegetable production will also provide new channels and new kinetic energy for the production of high-quality vegetables.” Xu Zheng told reporters that the application of plant factories is undoubtedly It will become a wind vane for the development of Weinan's wisdom agriculture, with a point to face and radiate the surrounding, to promote the intelligent and high-quality development of vegetable production.

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