Samsung expands plant lighting LED product line to help greenhouses and vertical farms

Samsung Electronics recently announced a new line of plant lighting LED products, including full-spectrum LED devices, modules and color (monochrome) LEDs. Designed for greenhouse and vertical farms, the new plant lighting LED products are based on the latest 'wide spectrum theory' of plant lighting. The new LED products provide a broad spectrum of plant illumination that helps plants grow healthily and improve agriculture. Environment and reduce lighting system costs.

三星扩大植物照明LED产品系列 助力温室和垂直农场

Full-spectrum LED products range from blue, green to red, creating a blend of light for plant lighting applications. Compared to narrow-spectrum lighting products, Samsung's full-spectrum LED products enhance plant immunity and increase nutritional value by stimulating photosynthesis to promote plants to grow healthier and more balanced. In addition, new LED products can help improve the overall agricultural environment, bright lighting conditions can help growers to more easily observe plant growth, and early detection of diseases, such as plant seedlings or cuttings rot. As a higher-priced alternative to red LEDs, full-spectrum LED products are low cost and highly efficient, helping to reduce the cost of the entire lighting system.

Mr. Un Soo Kim, senior vice president of global strategy market for Samsung LED, said: 'Samsung full spectrum plant lighting LED products provide a new way to reduce system cost and improve plant cultivation by using LED lighting. We plan to integrate the latest intelligent LED lighting. Technology, including Samsung's leading sensor and connectivity solutions, further expands our plant lighting products.'

In addition to full-spectrum white LED products, Samsung has also added Blu-ray, red and far-red LED products, and a variety of wavelength combinations to meet the different design needs of plant lighting manufacturers.

Based on Samsung's proven market-leading LED technology, the new full spectrum and color LED product line offers high reliability for high temperature and high humidity environments, as well as the stringent requirements of various chemicals in greenhouses and vertical farms. .

Samsung plant lighting LED devices are available now, and module products will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

三星扩大植物照明LED产品系列 助力温室和垂直农场

Vertical farms are integrated farms that make full use of the ground and space for multi-level, multi-level use, usually in a controlled indoor environment.

PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) is a unit for measuring the total number of photons of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) having a spectral wavelength in the range of 400 nm to 700 nm which can help plant photosynthesis. Plant photosynthesis can be enhanced and measured in micromoles per second (μmol/s).

PE (photon efficacy) refers to the level of photosynthesis of plant photosynthesis, measured in micromoles/joules (μmol//J).

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