Make lighting more "smart", and the new IoT platform delivers richer value

Illumination from traditional lighting based on tungsten lamps and gas discharge lamps into LED lighting based on semiconductor devices, just meet the Internet Internet Io of the Internet of Things, the combination of the two, creating infinitely beautiful delusions and innovations It has created a promising era of intelligent lighting based on the Internet of Things for lighting people.

Talking about intelligent lighting, the acceptance of consumers has generally improved. Ma Ziqi, senior analyst of the LED Research Institute of Gaogong Research Institute, said that in many new application markets, intelligent lighting is still in a period of rapid growth. According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), with the development of technology, mature products, active promotion by manufacturers, and popularization of concepts related to smart lighting, the scale of China's smart lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 80%. .

Entering 2018, domestic and international lighting giants have stepped up the layout of intelligent lighting, and the era of intelligent lighting is near. GGII expects that the market size of intelligent lighting will reach 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, up 46.6% year-on-year; and the domestic LED intelligent lighting market will maintain rapid growth in the next few years. In 2020, China's smart lighting scale will reach 83 billion yuan.

Make lighting more

Although the smart lighting market is promising, many manufacturers are vying to arrange smart lighting, but many of the existing smart lighting products on the market have not achieved true intelligence.

As consumers become more people-oriented, the demand for lighting is changing. At this stage, the communication connection technology of the Internet of Things is used to connect the lighting equipment and related sensing equipment, and collect data on human information, environmental information, and operation information of the lighting equipment, and illuminate according to human needs or sensing information. The control of the device evolved into another appeal for intelligent lighting.

In response to new changes in consumer demand for lighting, on November 6, 2018, Yannuo announced the launch of the new Internet of Things (IoT) platform in China under the Interact brand name to help professional lighting users unlock the Internet of Things era. The great potential of connected lighting. The platform supports the important development strategy of 昕诺飞, providing customers with a data service-based control interface, extending the 昕诺飞 business from lighting products to lighting systems and services, and strengthening its lighting leadership position in the Internet of Things era.


What is the Interact IoT Lighting Platform

The Interact IoT Platform is a secure and scalable IoT platform that collects useful information from smart LED products, embedded sensors and IoT devices through an IoT-based connected lighting system.

With its outstanding processing power, the Interact IoT platform performs millions of data transactions every day, enabling you to benefit from state-of-the-art technology, big data processing and analysis, and machine learning. The Interact IoT platform will provide new insights to help you increase operational efficiency and make more efficient decisions.

Interact IoT Platform Advantage

The Interact IoT platform has mature and advanced data processing and management capabilities and is the best tool for the transformation of the LED lighting industry. It implements machine learning, gives meaning to all types of data, and provides customers with data-based services that deliver value that is beyond what they see. Typical applications for this service include collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from a variety of different buildings to help administrators better understand and predict office space usage. Such insights can better optimize existing office space usage and provide inspiration for designing more efficient buildings.

In addition, authorization data from third parties can also be analyzed by Interact. Of course, Interact can also inspire innovation from third-party developers, development organizations and users. Its developer interface and ever-expanding Authorized Application Interface (API) support the development of a wide range of data-based services.

The Interact IoT platform from 昕诺飞 makes lighting more “smart”, providing an IoT ecosystem powered by interconnected LED lighting, the world's largest network, to change the way people think about lighting. Interact intelligent connected lighting system can achieve remote management, indoor navigation, space management, energy saving and high efficiency, etc., involving many aspects of daily life, and has a positive role in promoting the construction of smart cities.

Interact's use and success stories

Interact is also the name of the Connaught fly smart connected lighting system, which not only provides customers with a high-quality lighting experience, but also uploads the collected information to the Interact IoT platform. These smart connected lighting systems provide a unified user experience and functional applications for a wide range of industry applications. For example: Interact City, Interact Landmark, Interact Office, Interact Retail, Interact Sports, Interact Hotel and Interact Pro.


To a certain extent, Zenofei's existing smart connected lighting system will be fully integrated under the Interact IoT platform, and using the same naming method, the integrated Zenofei intelligent lighting system will be more refined. It is understood that the current Xinnuofei intelligent connected lighting system has many cases in China.

In November 2018, Yannuo announced that its Interact landmark intelligent connected lighting system has been successfully applied to Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge and Xupu Bridge across Shanghai's Mother River and Huangpu River.

In November 2018, Yannuo announced that with the successful implementation of its projects in Shaanxi and Qinghai in western China, the Interact City (formerly Philips CityTouch flex) intelligently interconnected road lighting system and LED street lights successfully deployed in China has broken through. 20,000 sets.

In November 2018, Yannuo announced that Interact, its IoT platform, has launched a new intelligent interconnect lighting system, Interact Pro. As the industry's first intelligent lighting system and software designed for small and medium-sized businesses that can be multitasking, Interact Pro can drive Zeno's growth in smart connected lighting systems, software and services to enhance its industry leadership.

In May 2018, Yannuo announced that its Interact landmark (formerly ActiveSite feedback system) has successfully landed in 24 landmark buildings in the core business district on both sides of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China, providing a linkage LED lighting solution.

In May 2018, Yannuo announced that its 10,000th Interact City (formerly Philips CityTouch flex) smart connected road lighting system and LED street light in China has recently been located in the city center of Shantou, one of the economic center cities of the Pearl River Delta. finish installation. The smart interconnected streetlights deployed by the Interact urban system for remote control and fault detection, and can be integrated into a smart city management platform to achieve smart city platform information sharing, reflecting the overall advantages of smart city Internet of Things management.

In April 2018, Yannuofei announced that it has successfully applied its high-quality Interact landmark (original ActiveSite feedback system) to the 9.2-kilometer Zhongshan Road architectural landscape lighting improvement project in the core area of Ningbo.


According to Wang Wei, Senior Vice President of Global and Vice President of Greater China, “In the future, all of our smart connected lighting systems will be integrated under the Interact IoT platform. This cloud platform can help managers optimize management methods and improve systems. Operational stability. By analyzing the information we collect from smart connected lighting products, devices and systems, we hope to provide customers with data-based services that create new possibilities and new experiences.'

Today, Yannuo has deployed 29 million smart connected lighting points around the world. In addition, 昕诺飞 plans to carry out networking functions for all of its newly produced LED products by 2020. This will lead to a massive increase in the number of smart connected lighting points, sensors and transmission equipment, and systems, along with the scale of data collection.

In the era of digital lighting, the core value of 昕诺飞 has been extended from lighting products and systems to services. The release of the new IOT IoT platform not only strengthens the positioning of lighting in the Internet of Things era, but also makes lighting equipment an access point for the entire IoT platform, which perfectly explains the core values and concepts of Zhai Nuofei, whether it is from With high-quality lighting, a consistent user experience, and data-based services for customers, the Interact IoT platform is driving the Internet of Things while driving the great changes in the lighting industry.

Source: High-tech LED