More than 440 street lamps in the main city area were replaced with LED energy-saving lamps

Luzhong Net-Luzhong Morning News December 8th (Reporter Sun Yihai correspondent Dong Chen) In order to improve the urban lighting effect and maximize energy conservation, Zibo City Street Light Management Office will have more than 440 street lights on many roads in the central city. Replace with LED energy saving lamp.

According to the previous survey, the streetlight facilities of some roads under the jurisdiction of Zibo City Street Light Management Office have experienced long failure rates and high energy consumption due to long running time. According to the availability of funds, Zibo City Street Light Management Office has prioritized the replacement of traffic-intensive road sections, and has completed energy-saving renovation of more than 440 street lamps in Nanjing Road, Xincun Road, Renmin Road and Wanjie Road.

The newly-changed LED energy-saving street lamp is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving light source with high brightness and good color rendering, which can better enhance the lighting effect. In the next step, Zibo City Street Lamp Management Office will continue to carry out energy-saving renovation of street lights on other road sections.

Source: Luzhong Net - Luzhong Morning News