China's LED sports lighting went abroad and settled in the home of Danchao Club

Denmark's Brondby Football Club completes home lighting acceptance Seven continents lead China's LED sports lighting out of the country


On June 20th, the Danish Premier League veteran Brindby Football Club completed the construction acceptance of the new lighting system at its own home, Br?ndby Stadium.

The project is the first professional LED sports lighting company in China, Guangdong Seven Dazhou Industrial Co., Ltd. They strictly implement the one-stop 'Golden Sunshine Service' system, and have completed the requirements of the Brondeby Club with high quality, not only reaching The high-definition broadcast level requirements of TV stations have overcome the problems of stroboscopic, uneven brightness, light decay, glare, and heat dissipation that are easy to occur in traditional lighting systems, so that fans can watch both in front of the TV and in the audience. Go to every detail on the court. This high-quality stadium lighting system creates a clear view of the athletes and the audience; at the same time, the flicker-free LED sports lighting ensures that the super slow motion camera captures the perfect picture.

It is understood that this cooperation, Bloomby Club uses a combination of seven continents professional LED sports lighting technology and the latest generation of DMX intelligent control system, integrated with eight lighting modes and dynamic LED stadium lighting features of the stadium. This combination provides an unparalleled intelligent lighting system for the Br?ndby course – a light show that meets the lighting needs of different stages from professional sports events to mid-game breaks. This not only enhances the functional lighting of the professional stadium, but also provides a customized and immersive experience for football matches and other different types of events, which greatly enhances the live interaction between athletes and the audience.

The successful completion of this project also marks the first time that seven continents have become the national brand of LED sports lighting in China.

The Brondby Football Club is located in the western suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a traditional hero in the Danish Premier League. Since joining the top league in Denmark in 1981, Brondby has won 10 league championships and 5 cups. It is one of the most competitive opponents of the Copenhagen club in the Danish football league. The two teams won 11 league titles in the recent 16 leagues.

Since the establishment of the club in 1964, the Brondby Stadium has undergone numerous major and minor structural and technological transformations and expansions. The maximum number of visitors to the Brondeby Stadium is 31,508. According to the requirements, the time of the Brondby Club project is tight and the task is urgent. The team on the seven continents has a very high requirement: to provide and install and debug all the LED sports in time before the start of the Danish League in July. The lighting system will be responsible for all maintenance operations for the next 5 years.

“This project made me feel very grateful. The project can be completed smoothly and on time, and it is inseparable from the cooperation of the seven continents team.” Zhang Feihu, general manager of Seven Continents, said, “This project is difficult and challenging, but it is for us. The meaning is completely different from the past – when you see the national brand lighting system perfectly blends with the atmosphere of the top clubs in Europe, you will feel that everything is worth it.”

This is not only the trust of the Brondeby Club in the professionalism of the seven continents, but also the complete manifestation of the strength of the seven continents. The professional stadium lighting is an important part and content of the stadium design, and the system requirements for the venue are more complicated. For example, the lighting method of the lighting fixtures needs to be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the stadium and the structure of the grandstand - especially The maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to the architectural design and should be considered comprehensively.

At the same time, football lighting is divided into indoor soccer field lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting. The way to install the lights is different. The standard of lighting is determined according to the function of the soccer field. The Brondeby Stadium is an outdoor large stadium. Its function is undoubtedly a professional competition.


After careful research, the chief designers and technicians of the seven continents customized a unique lighting solution for the Blundby Club – with a horizontal illumination of 2,200 lux and a vertical illumination of 1,800 lux. In the process of acceptance and display, the lighting is not only very uniform, but also with the DMX control technology independently developed by seven continents, the effect is called a light show. The head of the Brondeby club said in an interview that the effect of the stadium's new lighting system has made the feeling of being on the court a new look.

'From the perspective of productism, the LED sports lighting of the stadium is obviously simple to look at, but there are many places worth pondering. And this is the embodiment of the craftsman spirit.' Zhang Feihu believes that the craftsman spirit does not mean repeating one year and one day. Things, but keep on studying this matter, making the product more reasonable.

Zhang Feihu said that the cooperation with the Danish Brondby Club has fully demonstrated that the seven continents lighting has the qualifications and strength to provide professional lighting equipment and solutions for international competitions. As the first company in China to focus on LED sports lighting, the seven continents can repeatedly create a precedent in the industry. Zhang Feihu believes that it benefits from the following three points:

First, the design planning stage and the pre-construction period, strictly control the quality requirements, to give athletes, referees and spectators a more comfortable and healthier visual sensory experience in the competition.

LED sports lights on seven continents are characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, precise light distribution, high-intensity lamp housing, high-reliability structural design, and point-by-point light distribution system. In order to give customers and sports enthusiasts the best lighting experience, the seven continents have adopted a self-developed military heat dissipation structure, which really solves the problem of LED heat dissipation. At the same time, seven continents have accumulated 10 years of professional light distribution experience to realize With 961 kinds of optical distribution, only these two points have reduced the illumination of the seven continents by more than 37% compared with the general site.

In addition, because the LED sports lighting system is more conducive to high-definition television broadcast, athletes, referees, and spectators also have high requirements for light, and its brightness, anti-glare, anti-glare and other advantages not only provide athletes and referees with healthier. The comfortable sports light environment also enhances the viewing of the game and the participation of the audience. It is also worth mentioning that the LED sports lighting system has the function of instant on and off, which can adjust the light immediately during halftime break or during the interval of the game.

Second, during the delivery and use of the venue owners, it is a very important concept for the gradual improvement of the awareness of modern stadiums in intelligent control.

Unlike the long cold start time of traditional stadium lighting, the seven continents LED sports lighting system can be lit instantly – this feature and standardized operating procedures can help the club adjust quickly according to the lighting requirements of the stadium, such as training or maintenance Dim or turn off the illumination of some areas. Not only that, the intelligent lighting system can be operated remotely through the APP, and the light show can be used before the start of the game to enhance the atmosphere and enhance the audience experience.

At the same time, through the software to control the entire stadium lighting, the seven continents have realized the intelligent management of the current lighting control, the entire lighting system can independently adjust the sequence of the front and rear lights to avoid the start of high current shock caused by simultaneous lighting The life of the lamp is extended by 2-3 times. In addition, on-demand lighting can also provide a comfortable lighting effect to the audience on the side of the venue while meeting the needs of the athletes in the venue.

Third, the advanced LED sports lighting system can reduce the running cost of the stadium in the later stage operation and operation and maintenance stage.

The trend of upgrading the entire LED sports lighting technology has made the advantages of professional light distribution technology and stable lighting performance of the seven continents more prominent. This also makes the stadium's operating costs more attractive than ever, and is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional metal halide lamps. For example, the seven continents can also provide system solutions including the use of smart and rational use of the venue to arrange the poles, with professional lighting selection, saving lamps and lanterns. Stadiums with LED sports lighting systems can save between 75% and 85% of total energy costs – plus a 10-year maintenance service commitment to save the stadium more unnecessary costs when operating and maintaining sports venues.


Source: Fashion Weekly