4 batches of LED lights were unqualified

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of quality supervision and inspection of self-ballasted LED lamp products for general lighting in Shanghai in 2018. This time, we randomly checked 20 batches of products, and after testing, we failed 4 batches.

It is understood that this supervision spot check has been carried out according to the relevant regulations and standards: marking, lamp interchangeability, accidental contact with live parts, insulation resistance and dielectric strength after wet treatment, mechanical strength, heat resistance , fire and fire protection. This spot check found that one batch of products did not meet the safety index, and the unqualified items were: lamp interchangeability; two batches of products did not meet the performance index, and the unqualified items were: energy efficiency limit value; The batch products do not meet the express quality requirements of the company, and the unqualified items involved are: initial light effect/light flux.

The interchangeability project mainly evaluates the matching between the size of the LED lamp head and the lamp holder. It can reflect the manufacturer's production control ability to a certain extent. If the lamp head size is not well controlled, the lamp will fall off from the lamp holder when used. Failure to fully screw into the lamp holder. The unqualified product of this project is an LED bulb produced by Zhejiang Sunlight Lighting Group Co., Ltd.

According to the regulations, non-directional self-ballasted LED lights (commonly known as LED bulbs) for general lighting must be affixed with an energy efficiency label to be available for sale. The main reason for the unqualified energy efficiency limit value of this spot check is that the product has failed, indicating that the product quality is not up to standard and the service life is short. The unqualified products of this project are an LED bulb produced by Shanghai Jingcui Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Luyuan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

The initial light effect/light flux is a direct way for companies to communicate product performance metrics to consumers. Consumers can understand product performance through the company's initial light/luminous flux. If the initial light/luminous flux is not consistent with the marked content, Will mislead consumers to buy. The unqualified product of this project is an LED bulb produced by Zhenjiang Qiangling Electronics Co., Ltd.

Source: Legal Daily