Fuzhou lighting industry has fully turned to LED, will usher in the era of "smart lighting"

Fuzhou News Network April 1 (Fuzhou Evening News reporter Jiang Hai) The reporter learned from the inaugural meeting of the Fuzhou Lighting Appliance Industry Association held yesterday afternoon that the Fuzhou lighting industry has turned to LED, and gradually transformed into 'smart lighting'.

The lighting industry in Fuzhou has developed rapidly. Last year, there were more than 716 lighting and lighting companies. At present, Fuzhou is focusing on cultivating strategic emerging industries such as integrated circuits and LEDs, and increasing investment in high-tech, high-growth and high-value-added projects. For example, Zhaoyuan Optoelectronics LED industry project has a total investment of 3.177 billion yuan, which will be constructed in two phases, mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of LED epitaxial wafers and chips; Yuanlei LED functional and special lighting packaging and light source project plans to invest 1.23 billion yuan. Yuan, after the project is put into production, it will realize an annual output value of 2.7 billion yuan.

Fuzhou Lighting Industry Association related people said that Fuzhou will soon usher in the era of 'smart lighting'. “Intelligent lighting is not only green lighting, it is also a healthy lighting, and it is the carrier for building the Internet of Everything.” The above-mentioned people said that the integration with relevant industries and coordination with relevant management departments is the key to the future development of the lighting industry.

Source: Fuzhou News Net