Energy saving and environmental protection led to the development of LED display

In recent years, all countries in the world are vigorously developing LEDs, and government plans such as Japan's '21st Century Light Plan', the US 'Next Generation Lighting Plan', the EU 'Rainbow Plan', and the South Korea 'GaN Semiconductor Light Emitting Plan' have been launched. In response to the international market's unanimous optimism about LED, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other six ministries jointly issued the 'Opinions on the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Energy-Saving Industry' and launched the 'Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles' project pilot. And the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued the '12th Five-Year Development Plan for the Integrated Circuit Industry', which depicts a grand blueprint for the development of China's IC industry in the next five years. Premier Wen Jiabao also pointed out that LED energy conservation and environmental protection have a huge driving force for national emission reduction.

LED display screen is a new type of information display media that has developed rapidly in the world in the 1990s. It combines modern high-tech, energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, dynamic picture and text display, and wide range of visual range. The outdoor LED screen advertising screen area is large, the visual effect is shocking, can fully attract the attention of the audience, is a new combination of media and high technology. These changes have created a unique and irreplaceable value for outdoor media.

The LED display media also has an advertisement characteristic with high effective arrival rate, and the price is relatively low compared with the media delivery forms such as television and newspaper. These unique values make full-color LED display media a natural newcomer to outdoor media. For example, the core display area of New York Times Square CBD and the Ginza of Tokyo, Japan, not only have the function of advertising and marketing, but also the symbol of the status of a world-famous big company. Only those companies with dominance in the industry can broadcast here. Advertising, and the company that broadcasts ads here, has made people feel the global status of its brand. Unlike traditional outdoor media, full-color LED displays are not just outdoor media, but they also have the characteristics and advantages of media such as TV. Moreover, the full-color LED display is not just an extension of the outdoor media and TV media. It has a larger creative space and a more space for interaction and communication with consumers. It can meet the individual needs and has the spread of the digital age. The concept is a unique form of screen.

China's LED display market is a low-end market in terms of the global market, but it has higher requirements for the strength of enterprises. As the raw materials of LED screens are repeatedly reduced, more companies that are not competitive are now able to compete and the market will be full of gunpowder. For domestic LED companies, it should be noted that the research and development of quality is intensified, and the right to speak in the international market is strived to be no longer followed. Technology is the development of the first productive force, never out of date!

Source: Photoelectric display network