The biggest LED screen in China has a stunning visual effect

At 20 o'clock on April 28, in the 2019 Beijing World Garden Park, the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony was held in the theater. The opening ceremony featured a 40-minute stage performance and nearly 3 minutes of fireworks display, presenting a dreamy garden light and shadow performance feast.

According to Sha Xiaotong, the general director of the opening ceremony, the theme of the party was “Green Life and Beautiful Home”. The biggest feature of the stage design is “Landscape.”

On the stage of the main performance area, there are two layers of performance platforms that can be raised and lowered. The table top is a full-coverage LED screen. It is equipped with 29 LED video columns with a diameter of 1 meter and a circular screen with a diameter of 8 meters. “The round screen can be put down, or it can be set up. The dancers can interact with the circular screen in the air.” In the vista area, the main team set up a high-definition laser projection equipment set to project laser images for the arched fountain spanning 90 meters. On Qingyangzhou, the main team also set up a small stage, using the woods as the background, the ground is decorated with green materials, fully integrated into nature.

The gardens and trees are the green subjects in the World Garden. In order to highlight this meaning, the trees around the core stage area are wrapped with custom LED string-shaped point lights, using a total of nearly 100,000 meters of LED dot string lights. It is embellished with a picture of the 'fire tree silver flower' with a color change.

In addition, in the stage design, the semi-transparent grid-shaped large screen was selected for the first time, which is the largest screen in China. The 90 screens form a translucent LED screen matrix of 140 meters wide and about 2,000 square meters in the air. There is only a single color during the day, but at night, the audience can see colorful images on the screen as well as through the screen. Seeing the distant landscapes and flowers, it forms a superimposed effect.

Source: OFweek Lighting Network