Another patent litigation! Seoul Semiconductor continues to take legal action against infringement o

According to Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890) ('Seoul'), an internationally renowned LED franchise company, it has filed another lawsuit against its LED driver patent infringement. Is SATCO Products, Inc. ('SATCO').

In its complaint, Seoul alleges that various LED lighting products being sold by SATCO infringe Seoul's eleven (11) patents relating to LED drive technology, including US Patent 7,081,722, US Patent 9,807,828, US Patent 8,513,899 and US Patent 8,716,946.

The LED driver patents involved are widely used in replacement bulbs for incandescent, fluorescent, wall and ceiling lights. This patented technology covers products with linear drives for direct operation of LEDs at home voltages, stepper drive drivers for flicker-free lighting, and dimmable drivers for intelligent lighting.

In several previous lawsuits in different market sectors, Seoul successfully legally maintained its patent rights for LED drivers, including market segments such as hypermarket retailers, LED lighting manufacturers and application manufacturers.

The Acrich NanoDriver series, which was manufactured in Seoul using this patented technology, won the Sapphire Award for 'ICs and Electronic Components for Solid State Lighting.' With continuous technological innovation, Seoul has more than 250 patents related to LED drive technology worldwide.

Acrich drive technology is suitable for approximately 70% of residential light bulbs in the global lighting market, and Seoul expects Acrich's range of applications to continue to expand.

Nanji Fan, deputy director of Seoul Semiconductor Lighting Division, said: “Seoul spends about 10% of its annual sales revenue for technological innovation. Last year, we invested more money to ensure we are at the forefront of technology. But counterfeiting innovative products is unfair. Competition must stop. Only in this way, other players, including young entrepreneurs and small businesses, have the opportunity to gain market recognition.'

Source: China Light Network