Outdoor LED advertising screen continues to be hot

At 8 o'clock on the evening of April 21, 'Creation Camp 2019' officially designated the car Geely brand to send the first round of heavy resources for the students - Asia's first giant screen Hangzhou LED screen, the fans of the three small brothers on the screen spontaneously Come to the phone in the rain. More than 3,000 square meters of ultra-clear LED large screen put out the heads of Zhou Zhennan, Xia Zhiguang and Liu Ye, and they thanked the fans for supporting the VCR, and cheers came out from the fans. In recent years, it has become a common means for fans to support the 'bag screen' of love beans. What is the charm of outdoor LED advertising screens?

Fan economy drives outdoor LED advertising screens to continue to be hot

The “fan economy” covers a wide range. In addition to the obvious game ticket revenue, advertising revenue, and sports star endorsements, there are many direct and indirect derivative opportunities, such as media broadcast rights, allowing many manufacturers to It wins business opportunities and allows many vendors to learn about this new 'fan economy' marketing approach.

The data shows that in 2016, China's outdoor advertising industry market reached 117.4 billion yuan, accounting for 18.09% of the advertising market size of 648.9 billion yuan. As the economy enters a normal state, all industries enter a new normal of steady growth, in order to pursue greater Profits, many enterprises are increasingly demanding outdoor advertising, and strive to obtain greater profits through outdoor advertising. On the other hand, as the “fan economy” is booming, the outdoor LED advertising screen is also popular. According to data estimates, the size of China's idol market will exceed 100 billion in 2020, and the income generated by fans' emotional consumption will be about 50 billion. Among them, the purchase of outdoor advertising space occupies an important part, and the advertising space that fans should support for purchase has become the main way for advertisers to obtain benefits in recent years.

Outdoor LED display to maximize its value

LED display can stand firm in the outdoor advertising media, and has won the favor of fans. Its biggest advantage lies in the realization of value. Outdoor LED advertising screens, with its own, high-definition seamless splicing, the advantages of beautiful and natural images will instantly kill traditional communication channels. Large-size, dynamic, and sound-in-one ads can promote the senses of the audience in an all-round way, effectively conveying information and guiding consumption. In this marketing era where the audience is the best in the world, the outdoor LED advertising screen can profoundly affect the audience's perception and consumption. Such as the kind of LED display as the carrier of outdoor advertising, its advantages and characteristics are self-evident, and these, all point to a focus, that is, value realization.

For outdoor advertising media operators, the outdoor LED advertising screen is effective, which will naturally attract more investors. For advertisers, it is natural to stimulate demand and guide consumption. For fans who follow the stars, In the large-volume, representative public areas of the idol-related video, showing the power of fans, while playing the role of propaganda, these are their value realization. As the fourth generation of emerging media, LED display screen integrates modern high-tech with environmental protection, high-resolution imaging, natural and delicate color, display video and text and wide viewing angle, fully catering to the technical requirements of modern advertising media and people's Watch the requirements.

Prosperous market segments in the future

The China Media Report pointed out that China's total media spending will increase by 7.8% in 2017 to reach 581.39 billion yuan, while outdoor advertising will increase by 8.1%. Combined with the outdoor LED advertising screen with high tolerance and suitable for outdoor, it will undoubtedly further increase its market share in the outdoor display field.

As far as the market demand for outdoor advertising is concerned, the demand in the segmentation field is gradually becoming more and more prominent. The strong growth momentum of small pitches, with its excellent and delicate image quality, has undoubtedly brought new hope to the outdoor LED advertising screen; LED transparent screen In the past two years, it has successfully entered the market with the sense of technology and fashion, releasing the charm of transparent display; LED shaped screens are also favored by breaking the conventional shape and customized mode; intelligent LED display, and combination More refined areas such as VR/AR, naked-eye 3D LED advertising screens, etc. are beginning to prosper and will further expand display requirements. With such broad prospects, we should be thankful that market education is more adequate, but not saturated. Emerging areas have great potential, allowing companies to have sufficient space to develop the market blue ocean.

With the deepening of China's market economy, whether it is manufacturing or retailers, advertisers continue to increase advertising costs to promote their products, shaping corporate image, and the rapid development of the fan economy has added new vitality to the advertising market. Compared with other outdoor media, the outdoor LED advertising screen has played a greater commercial value in conveying the usefulness of information and media form. These provide a broad market space for outdoor LED advertising screen enterprises. For display manufacturers, how to seize market opportunities and gain greater market share is a problem worth exploring.

Source: HC LED screen