Foxconn invests heavily in MicroLED display: want to supply iPhone

Foxconn not only wants to continue assembling the iPhone, they also want to break into the core supply chain and become a supplier.

Of course, what is said here is not how Sharp, under the name of Hon Hai, will impress Apple, but a new generation of MicroLED display technology panels.

According to the latest report in the industry chain, Foxconn's AOT (Essence Energy), Epileds (Light) and Marketech International (Sail Xuan) are trying to increase the production capacity of MicroLED. The AOT is responsible for the backlight module and the optical 鋐 is responsible for the RGB LED chip.

In principle, Micro LED uses inorganic red, green and blue micro LED display chips to emit light, and also overcomes the durability (burning screen) of large-size OLEDs. Since each MicroLED is part of a pixel, it provides higher brightness, contrast, color registration, response time, more power savings, and thinner.

In fact, Apple has been interested in MicroLED, including the acquisition of LuxVue, a screen manufacturer with MicroLED technology, and the establishment of a secret lab in Taoyuan.


Source: Fast Technology