50 million investment in Xinxiang LED lighting project

Recently, Zhuhai Haoyu Zhiguang Technology Co., Ltd. invested 50 million yuan in LED solar lighting new technology projects settled in Xinxiang, as well as lithium power, energy-saving lamps and other projects settled. Xinxiang City relies on the National Chemical and Physical Power Industry Park to focus on building a green energy base in China.

In recent years, Xinxiang City's chemical and physical power supply industry has formed green small secondary batteries such as lithium ion, cadmium nickel and hydrogen nickel, new lead-acid batteries, industrial and military alkali acid batteries, and mercury-free primary batteries. The five main businesses, such as battery raw materials, have more than 200 chemical and physical power industry groups with large correlation, strong product matching ability, obvious aggregation effect and strong driving action.

In 2005, the National Chemical and Physical Power Industry Park was approved to be established in Makino District, undertaking the tasks of national new energy project research and development, industrial cluster cultivation and regional economic development. It also established the overall direction of green energy development as the core, and tried to Create a green energy base in China, namely CGEB.

On September 20, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine set up a national battery product quality supervision and inspection center in the park. At present, the park has completed an investment of 1.6 billion yuan and an annual output value of 4.7 billion yuan. It has been occupied by more than 30 well-known energy technology companies such as Henan Huanyu Group, Cologne Electric, Super Power, Litelight, and Zhuowei Power. Battery and green energy production base.

Source: Aladdin Lighting Network