LED lighting industry will be popularized to create a harmonious society with low carbon life

The concept of low-carbon life is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and LED light sources are favored. Liang Bingwen, Chairman of Suzhou Naco Display Technology Co., Ltd., published the article entitled 'How can LED light sources enter the general lighting market', describing the development status of LED light source technology and products, for LED light source performance, price, and cost performance with traditional light sources Comparison. It is pointed out that although LED is a new type of light source, it is almost necessary to go through the traditional market channels for applications and traditional markets and products, and then have the opportunity to establish and enter the market through new channels. The brilliant viewpoint has attracted wide attention from the industry.

As a new and most promising light source, LED has attracted more and more attention. LEDs have only been used as an ordinary indicator light in the early days, and have been used in home appliances such as televisions and tape recorders. Today, LEDs are widely used as outdoor displays, traffic signals, car taillights and landscape lighting, and street lighting and lighting that are beginning. The large-size LCD backlight source has experienced almost 20-30 years, and its rapid development is obvious to all. In particular, the expectation that LEDs will enter the general lighting market in 5-10 years is affecting countless exciting hearts. Many people with lofty ideals want to contribute in this respect or participate in the torrent of history. It is precisely because of a large amount of manpower and material resources that LED lighting technology and the market have developed rapidly in recent years.

LED lighting technology and product status

The research and development indicators for high-power LEDs have reached 161 lm/W, while the productive LED efficacy is mostly in the range of 80-120 lm. Lighting products include not only LEDs, but also drive and luminaires. At present, the price of LED lighting is very high. Taking the three-watt LED cup lamp as an example, the luminous flux is 120-200lm, and the price is nearly 80-100 yuan. The average halogen cup lamp, the luminous flux of 20W is about 320lm, and the price is about 2-10 yuan.

Comparison of LED light source and traditional light source

One of the biggest weaknesses of LEDs as lighting products is the almost linear relationship between luminous flux and cost. This makes the LED light source costly in the high luminous flux range, and the cost performance is very low. Therefore, in the early stage of market promotion, the application market of low luminous flux should be considered first, such as the application demand of 200-800 lm. The range of this luminous flux corresponds to an electrical power of approximately 3-15 W at the current level of LED efficacy.

How LED light sources enter the general lighting market

For the traditional lighting application market, LED light sources cannot escape the existing sales channels. Because no matter what kind of new light source you are, as long as the target customers are the same, the process that the product goes from the manufacturer to the user should be the same. What is currently considered the most is how to replace existing light sources, including incandescent lamps, cup lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and linear fluorescent lamps, and the sales channels of these light sources have been formed and fixed. Therefore, LED lights that replace these light sources must also go through these existing sales channels. The sales drivers for these channels are largely dependent on price, reputation and service. The market channels of various lighting sources may be different. For the sales of indoor lighting products, daily-use loss products, such as energy-saving lamps, lamp cups, light bulbs, flashlights, etc., the dominant channels include the professional lighting market, Building materials supermarkets, consumer supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, network direct sales, etc., while hidden channels are property management companies (home and business), municipal companies, etc.; for home lighting products, such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps, Table lamps, floor lamps, kitchen lamps, children's lamps, mirror lamps, low-power local lighting products (downlights, spotlights, grille spotlights), etc., its dominant channels include professional market, building materials supermarket, home appliance supermarket, furniture store Online direct sales, while hidden channels are home improvement companies, group purchases (on-site promotion, online group purchase), electricians (installation company and decoration team), etc.; commercial lighting products, such as downlights, spotlights, grille lights, gold halide Lamps, etc., its explicit channels include professional markets, while hidden channels include home improvement companies, tooling companies, design institutes, electricians, property management (home and business), advertising companies, exhibition design companies, lighting design companies. Functional lighting products, such as eye protection lamps, Yuba lights, etc., eye-protection channels have professional markets, building materials supermarkets, consumer supermarkets, bookstores, optical shops, furniture stores, appliance stores, children's products stores, school stores, vision Health products store, network direct sales, its hidden channels are eye hospitals, parent promotion meetings (joint health products promotion, such as back-back, myopia treatment instrument).

in conclusion

As an illumination source, LED is difficult to enter the mass market because of its high cost and longevity. However, with the support of the government, it is possible to do some government demonstration projects in the form of promotion projects to drive the sales of products, such as the current street lighting projects. To open up the general lighting market, the first consideration should be the application of low luminous flux. Promote the application market for high-light flux lighting fixtures when technology is mature and the price is appropriate. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the understanding and acceptance of LED lighting sources by existing lighting channels, because most of the alternative light sources are to enter thousands of households through existing market channels. LED light sources are also challenging to develop rapidly, with time and results to witness.

Source: China Building Materials Purchasing Network