CIC Consultant: LED lighting fills incandescent vacant market

In order to actively respond to global climate change, respond to the international community's trend of eliminating incandescent lamps, and promote the implementation of China's green lighting project, the National Development and Reform Commission recently organized relevant units and experts to study and draft the 'China's phase-out plan for the phase-out of incandescent lamps (draft for comment)' . At the same time, in order to fully listen to the opinions of all parties and enhance the guiding, scientific and operability of the work, the National Development and Reform Commission now seeks opinions on the draft for comments.

He Zaihua, a senior researcher at China Investment Consulting, pointed out that due to the good news of the elimination of incandescent lamps, the attention of energy-saving lamps and LED industry has risen. The rise of the LED lighting market is largely due to the government's plan to suspend and disable incandescent lamps. LED lighting has succeeded in replacing incandescent lamps with its energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages. The government's banned plan is to accelerate the industry. The main factor of development.

Taiwan, Japan, the United States, the European Union, Canada, France, etc. plan to stop the production, sale and use of incandescent lamps around 2012. The market share of incandescent lamps will be quickly replaced by energy-saving lamps. With the geometric progression of market demand, the LED lighting market will usher in a turning point in development. So far, the price of LED lamps is still at a high-end position. The inevitable way for high-end products to go to the masses is to lower prices. In the short term, the LED lighting industry The competition will quickly shift to the price.

According to Haitz's law, the price of LED lighting products will plummet in the future when the luminous efficiency rises rapidly. In the next one to two years, as its cost drops to a critical point, the comparison between lighting products will introduce other factors, such as fashion trends, conceptual design and so on. The competition of enterprises will gradually enter the era of diversification. Overall, the launch of this policy is a great opportunity for the development of the LED industry.

According to the “2011-2015 China Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report” released by China Investment Consulting, the price of lighting products has dropped sharply in the continuous maturity of technology, although the market has not achieved the expected results. However, the overall development momentum is full of stamina. With the reform of electricity prices, the proportion of electricity costs in industrial and commercial costs will become larger and larger, and the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction will promote the further opening of the LED lighting market. Under the promotion effect of large-scale events, LED lighting will gradually From the industrial and commercial field to the field of home lighting.

Source: China Economic Net