CIC Consultant: LED Lighting Leverages Home Lighting Market Dongfeng

With the coming of September, home lighting is about to enter the peak season, and September is the beginning of the peak season, and the peak season will continue until the end of the year. It is reported that in these four or five months, enterprises generally complete about 70% of the total sales. Therefore, how well the sales in the peak season are, will largely determine the level of performance this year.

He Zaihua, a senior researcher at China Investment Consulting, pointed out that the LED industry did not show strong momentum in early 2011. On the one hand, product prices have been declining; on the other hand, due to rising raw material costs, labor costs, logistics costs and peripheral economies As the environment continues to slump, corporate costs are rising rapidly. As far as market segments are concerned, in the middle of 2011, LED lighting was slightly outstanding. Although it did not drive large-scale sales, it at least added a note to the quiet market.

Affected by the international money market and the domestic property market, the late stage of the LED lighting industry is mainly based on steady progress. The domestic market is affected by good policy effects, and the power is large. All lighting companies also adjust the marketing strategy of the peak season accordingly, in order to take advantage of the market. Dongfeng achieved the next expansion. It must be said that this year's market environment does have a greater impact on the development of the industry, but from another level, fierce competition is also objectively conducive to the industry's reshuffle.

Zhang Yulin, research director of China Investment Consulting, pointed out that due to good expectations for the future market, foreign capital has increased investment in the Chinese market in an attempt to gain a foothold before the large-scale launch of China's LED lighting market. On the one hand, domestic enterprises have extended their product lines. Since the first half of the year, they have adjusted their product lines and launched new products before the sales season. On the other hand, they have increased sales promotion and sales promotion in the marketing market. I hope to stand out in the fierce market competition.

According to the '2011-2015 China Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report' released by China Investment Consulting, under the severe market situation, enterprises have adopted corresponding adjustment measures in production and management. In the production system, they create a strong supply chain to ensure smooth flow of procurement, R&D, production and manufacturing, and guarantee delivery and shipment rates. At the same time, optimization of business management, quality control and production planning are achieved.

Source: China Economic Net