The hidden dangers of the excessive development of China's LED lighting industry

[Zhongguancun Online B2B Display Channel] At present, the LED lighting industry in mainland China and abroad is developing rapidly. However, behind the rapid development, China's LED lighting industry has exposed problems such as lack of core technology, insufficient innovation capability and disorderly market competition. The specific performance is as follows:

First, in terms of output value, the current penetration rate of LED in the mainland lighting market is only 5%. The core technology relies on imports and the overall cost is a stumbling block to the further development of the LED industry. LED chips are like the engine of a car. The lack of core technology will directly constrain the development of this industry. It is understood that the main technologies for LED upstream chip production are in the hands of foreign companies, and the process of localization of technology is slow, which has affected the development of the industry. MOCVD epitaxial furnace and its related supporting technology are the highest end of the LED industry chain. At present, it mainly relies on imports, which greatly restricts the cost control of the upstream of the LED industry.

Second, as far as the overall level is concerned, there is still a gap of two years between China and the world's first-class standards. Many developed countries and developing countries in the world are accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting technology and industry. In terms of technology, China is in the second echelon.

Third, blind investment and lack of core technology make China's LED lighting market mixed, and the quality is mixed. Unstable quality is also a common problem faced by LED companies. At present, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises producing low-quality products in the LED lighting market, and the industry pattern is unstable.

4. With the entry of international giants into the Chinese market, many mainland enterprises with certain core competitiveness will face the risk of being merged, and enterprises that lack competitiveness will be directly eliminated. If the market is not regulated, the future will likely fall to the point of making wedding dresses for foreign lighting giants.

How can we solve a lot of industry defects and hidden dangers?

● According to the analysis of several experts, the following suggestions are made:

First, strengthen the country's overall guidance for local LED industry planning, and introduce national industry standards as soon as possible, especially the industry standards for related products in demonstration projects, such as street lights, tunnel lights, display screens, landscape lights, etc., so that local governments can purchase There are standards for products provided by companies.

Second, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is imperative to strengthen the research and development of the next generation of semiconductor lighting technology. At the same time, the localization of MOCVD for semiconductor lighting core equipment will be realized as soon as possible, fundamentally changing the situation of high-end equipment and promoting the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of China's semiconductor lighting strategic emerging industries. We will introduce relevant supporting policies as soon as possible, strengthen the establishment and standardization of testing institutions, avoid some unsatisfactory testing results, and improve the overall testing level and credibility.

LEDinside believes that the high price of LED terminal applications in the Chinese market is caused by many reasons, such as production costs, sales costs and so on. However, in the past two years, China has made efforts in LED core technology and achieved certain results. With the application of China's independent core technology, the cost of LED upstream industry will be further reduced; while mainland enterprises will also have financing through listing. More capital is invested in research and development to enhance the international competitiveness of the entire industry as a whole; and with the penetration of LED products in the Chinese market and the expansion of the international market, the sales cost of LED products will be further controlled. Industry insiders suggest that relevant government departments in China encourage LED companies to research and develop and reward patents.

Source: Zhongguancun Online Website