Change 660,000 yuan in two years. Foshan plans to promote LED lighting products.

[Zhongguancun Online LED Channel] 'Investing in the replacement of LEDs for 5 years, appropriate subsidies before the energy-saving return period.' On the 18th, in Foshan City, the promotion of the use of LED products work exchange meeting, the five districts related to Foshan New City The person in charge throws out the problem and negotiates a solution. It is reported that for the promotion of LED applications, Foshan plans to arrange 30 million yuan (RMB, the same below) for subsidies. By the end of 2013, the city will complete the promotion of more than 90,000 high-power LED street lamps and build a road for LED streetlights with a total length of more than 1,000 kilometers.

According to the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Use of LED Lighting Products in Foshan City” reported by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, by the end of next year, government agencies, enterprises, institutions and major public places will gradually use LED lighting products, completing more than 660,000 baht and lighting area of 6.21 million. Square meter of indoor LED lighting promotion application engineering. It is reported that through the implementation of the promotion of application engineering, in the future, the lighting of the region under the caliber will achieve energy savings of more than 50%.

A representative of the company made a suggestion that for the winning bidder, the return on investment will take a long time to obtain. In response to this situation, the government can give the company some subsidies before the energy-saving return period. 'The street lights are often opened. Generally, the cost recovery will be about 5 years, and the indoor lighting will be longer. I hope the government can give subsidies to consider the actual situation of the company to mobilize the enthusiasm of the company.'

The relevant person in charge of the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that Foshan will arrange subsidy funds of 30 million yuan for the promotion and application of LEDs. The subsidy quota will be set at 10% of the investment cost, and the subsidy fund of 30 million yuan will spur the LED lamps with an output value of 300 million yuan. Promotion and application, the plan is to subsidize according to the order of promotion and application. After the completion of the project, the specific plan is being drafted and will be officially introduced in the near future.

Source: Zhongguancun Online Website