Cheng Baohong: providing driver chips for LED lighting


Character Business Card: Cheng Baohong, Ph.D., of the University of California, USA, has dozens of patents in semiconductor technology in the United States and China. He is an entrepreneurial scientist with profound knowledge and outstanding contributions in the semiconductor field.


Cheng Baohong has worked in R&D and management for a number of large companies and start-up companies in the United States. He has nearly 20 years of experience in chip design, marketing and management in Silicon Valley.

In 2008, Cheng Baohong founded Maxim Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., taking LED driver chips as the main strategic goal of the company's development. Many people ask him why he gave up his high-paying jobs in the United States and returned to China to start a business. He said that the opportunity is domestic, the industry is at home, and only by approaching the market and understanding the application, can we design products that are more suitable for applications and customer needs. ”

In recent years, the LED industry has achieved technological breakthroughs and reduced costs. After five years of development, Cheng Baohong’s company has grown from a fledgling bird to a now-flying Dapeng. At present, the company's LED driver chip is ordered by many well-known luminaire manufacturers, such as Germany Osram lighting, the Netherlands Philips. The company has also established a cooperative relationship with Hengdian Group Debang Lighting Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Mingkai Lighting Co., Ltd.

In September, the city will hold Dongyang’s hometown activities to return to China to create high-end talents. Cheng Baohong believes that the event will give more opportunities for foreigners to learn about their hometown development status, industry focus and current industry needs. He hopes that more activities will be held in his hometown to enable Dongyang and returnees to establish a good platform for communication and interaction.

Source: Dongyang Daily