Global LED lighting prices go down, do manufacturers have to re-lay the market?

The LED lighting market has benefited from the advancement of LED technology and the market scale continues to expand. According to the latest research data of LEDInside, the LED lighting market will reach 33.3 billion US dollars in 2019, and the LED lighting penetration rate will be 22% in 2017, rose to 63% in 2019.

However, international lighting factories have gradually withdrawn from the general LED lighting market in recent years. GE's plans to sell its lighting business have already seen new developments. After OSRAM sold LEDVANCE to the Mulinsen Group, it has recently announced that it will sell its products. In the lighting business, Taiwanese factories including Ronda and Dongbei have also reduced the proportion of general LED lighting products in recent years.

The continuous growth of LED lighting has caused global manufacturers to withdraw, and once again triggered the market to reshuffle. The key to this must be the price of general LED lighting products.


At the beginning of the development of the LED lighting market, it attracted a large number of enterprises to invest and compete, coupled with the advancement of technology, reducing the cost of LED production. In the case of cost reduction and competitors, the price competition of products is fierce, which makes the price of general LED lighting products fall sharply. From the price of a 60-watt LED bulb seven years ago, it can be seen at 5 times the current price. A sharp price decline and erosion of vendor profitability.

LEDinside began to track market price information since the beginning of the LED lighting market. According to the historical data of LEDinside, with a price equivalent to 60 watts of LED bulbs, this price was about 45-50 US dollars in January 2011. By July 2018, prices had fallen to less than $10.

In addition, LED lighting brands and suppliers continue to face the pressure of falling product prices. This year, Sino-US trade wars continue to prolong, even affecting the LED industry, causing US manufacturers to purchase LED components exported from the mainland, fearing heavy taxes, Sino-US trade. Whether the war brings uncertainty to the industry will lead to more manufacturers rethinking their LED lighting market layout strategy, and it is worthwhile to continue to observe.

From LEDinside