How to match different orientation lighting

Lighting is a must in modern home decoration, but different locations will be different when paired with lighting, so how to match different lighting fixtures, what are the lighting matching skills?


First, the living room and lighting

The living room is a common activity place for a family. It has many functions such as meeting, audio-visual, reading, and games. It needs a variety of lights to fully cooperate. Generally, there are main and auxiliary lights. The former's role is to illuminate and add a finishing touch to the living room decoration, while the latter makes the environment change in different occasions.

The main lamp for lighting is generally chandelier or ceiling lamp. There are many types of auxiliary lamps, such as table lamps placed on the coffee table or standing lamps placed in the corners, which can be used for reading. Wall lamps can be installed on both sides of the wall behind the TV set as a backdrop: in the decorative cabinet, flat Projection downlights are installed in the top corner to make the decorations a visual focus. As for the styling of various lamps, it should be matched with the environment and selected according to the different design styles of the living room.

Because the spotlights create a unique environment. It has become popular in recent years. It can be used as both main body illumination and auxiliary light source. It can be placed around the chandelier or the upper part of the furniture, allowing the light to directly illuminate the items that need to be emphasized, to achieve a prominent and rich artistic effect. Or placed in a wall, wall skirt or baseboard to create a special atmosphere. The spotlights are the ideal fixture for adding light and color to the living room and creating a special atmosphere.

Second, the bathroom and lighting

The lighting setting of the bathroom has always been a problem that people are more likely to ignore. In fact, its importance is equivalent to that of the living room. Your day starts here and ends here, and the wonderful lights will keep you happy for a day.

In general, the bathroom maintains plenty of light and looks bright and refreshing. In the whole bathroom space, ceiling lamps can be used as the main lamp, with spotlights as auxiliary lamps, or multiple numbers of spotlights can be directly used to illuminate from different angles, giving the bathroom a rich layering.

The room usually has three functional areas: the sink, the toilet and the shower area. Different lighting arrangements can be used in different functional areas. The lighting design of the sink is quite diverse, but with the outstanding functionality, spotlights or fluorescent lamps can be installed above and around the mirror for easy grooming and shaving. Of course, you can choose the illumination angle and brightness of the light according to your needs. The light in the shower room or bathtub can be set in two forms, one can be illuminated by the light from the ceiling, so that the owner can easily take a bath, and the other can use the low-illuminated light to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. . The style of the bathroom can be changed dramatically, as the different illuminations of the lights create different tastes. The characteristic lighting is full of fun. The kitchen and lighting kitchen lighting is mainly functional. The main light should be bright and set at a high place. At the same time, it should be equipped with local lighting to facilitate washing, cutting, cooking and so on. The light can be selected from fluorescent lamps, and the amount of light is even and clean, giving a refreshing feeling.


In the open kitchen, the lighting setup is a bit more complicated because the kitchen is connected to the restaurant. In general, the bright light can evoke the enticing color of the food, so the lighting of the restaurant usually consists of the main light directly above the dining table and one or two auxiliary lights. The light source of the former is downward and the light is sufficient. The latter can be set on the cooktop, in the cupboard, next to the refrigerator, and in the wine cabinet. Among them, the lighting intensity in the decorative cabinet and the wine cabinet is better to emphasize the furnishings in the cabinet without affecting the external environment.

If the height and area of the room are large enough, you can decorate the chandelier above the table. The height of the chandelier is generally about 55-60cm from the tabletop to avoid obscuring or glare. It is also possible to set a chandelier that can be raised and lowered. Adjust the height of the light as needed. If the table is long, you can consider using a few small chandeliers with switches, so you can open smaller or larger spaces as needed.

Source: Building Materials Purchasing Network