The basic four elements of kitchen and bathroom lighting installation and installation

The kitchen and bathroom is a place with more oily and more water vapor, and the choice of lamps needs more attention. How to buy lamps for kitchen and bathroom space?


Brightness: The lighting in the kitchen is generally worse, so the lighting requirements for the lamps are very high when purchasing the kitchen lights. Try to choose brighter lights to improve the overall light.


Moisture-proof: Because the water vapor in the kitchen and toilet is heavier, many furniture will be easily damp. Therefore, the choice of the luminaire must also choose better moisture-proof performance, avoiding too much water vapor and exploding, and there are certain safety hazards.


Oil-proof: In the kitchen cooking process, it will inevitably produce soot, so the kitchen lamps must choose strong anti-oil when selecting, so as to avoid the long-term accumulation of fumes affecting the lighting effect of the lamps, and there will be some safety. Hidden dangers.

Dustproof: If there is accumulated dust on the kitchen light, it will affect the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom should be very clean and tidy. If the lamp is not dustproof, it will leave a sanitary corner. It feels very good. Uncomfortable, so choose a dustproof and good kitchen light when you purchase.

Source: Building Materials Purchasing Network