What is the advantage of our LED T5 and T8 used in engineering and commercial project?

A new study published on the 10th in the Journal of Internal Medicine of the American Medical Association shows that women who turn on the light or sleep on TV may have a higher risk of gaining weight.

Agency France-Presse reported that the study surveyed nearly 44,000 American women for five years and classified them according to their exposure to artificial light sources at night.  Light sources range from nightlight, radio and electronic clocks, street lights to televisions and room lights.

One of the key findings is that women who sleep with TV or room lights on are 17% more likely to gain 5 kg during the study period.  Even if other factors such as sleep hours, diet and exercise are controlled, the correlation is still high.

Sandler and Yong-Moon Park, co-authors of North Carolina's National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS), believe that light may inhibit melatonin secretion, disrupt physiological clocks and eating habits, and disrupt the secretion of stress hormones such as glucocorticoids, which play a role in regulating food intake.

The study authors also acknowledged some limitations, including that the data were returned by the interviewees themselves and they did not know the intensity of various light sources. High exposure to light may also reflect a series of factors such as socioeconomic disadvantage and unhealthy lifestyle, which may also lead to weight gain and obesity.

while Our R&D team is  developing a new T8 and T5 tube for our Brazilian business partners,which is used in commercial lighting field,customization create values, and that's our advantage to develop special product for our business partner!What is the advantage of our LED T5 and T8 used in engineering and commercial project?

Our tube features for following advantage.

1.Standard housing diameter 16mm and G5 connect base, replace traditional T5 tube perfectly. 

2. Super high lumen efficiency upto 150lm/w, more light output.

3.Self-developed, patented driver design, match INNMETRO certificate request for Brazil market.

4.Use brand SMD2835 as light source, very good color uniform and light maintenance rate after long time working.

5. Widely applied in metro station, warehouse, parking lot, super market, etc.

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Nanjing V-Light Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd specializes in R&D, production and sales of T8 LED tube, panel light and industrial lighting driver.

Our product feature as following:

High Power factorup to 0.98,High CRI 80,Hight luminous efficient 120lm/w,No flicker,12mm width Al substrate and 0.8mm thickness Al substrate, safety and heat dissipation reliable,Good uniformity in brightness, color temperature, Luminescence, color index, and the long lifespan,SKD available, supporting customization,Popular in Engineering field,Meanwhile we have established strong quality control system, R&D capabilityand stable supply capacity.




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